About The Book

“Preparing for the Father’s Gift” is a 50- day devotional written specifically for the counting of the omer, although it can be used anytime. In our congregation we count the days between Pesach (Passover), and Shavuot (Pentecost), as a congregational exercise with an anticipation towards the 50th day (Pentecost) when the Father gives a gift to the child that found the afikoman! (Acts 1:4)

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What Others Are Saying

It is a blessing to recommend this book, realizing it comes from the understanding of Jewish Messianic Congregations. There is no doubt that both Jew and Gentile need to be encouraged to study and meditate upon God’s Word in these times of confusion and deception. It is today as the prophet Amos said in Amos 8:11 that a day is coming where we will experience a “famine” not of food, but of “hearing the Words of the Lord.” May the Lord bless this effort and draw both Jew and Gentile to the importance of Bible study, meditation, and teaching!

Dr. David Hocking, Teacher, Author, Radio Teacher for Hope for Today

Based upon my almost forty years of personally studying the Bible, with an emphasis on acquiring greater understanding by studying words in both Hebrew and Greek, I can truly conclude that Pastor Bruce Dowell is one of the preeminent teachers on the planet unveiling deep Hebrew meanings of Scripture. Pastor Dowell’s book, “Preparing for the Father’s Gift – A Fifty Day Devotional”, is a must read for those believers who truly want to stay connected to our creator.

Dr. Bill Henderson, Teacher, Author, Evangelist, Original member of the Power Team